Continuing on my thoughts around taking an application-centric view and the benefits of adopting 5G, one such application domain that we should consider is Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP). ERP is probably the only business management application platform that governs every aspect of any enterprise operation. While the telco industry is touting the benefits of 5G for the enterprise, let us go a little deeper into the various functions within the enterprise which are handled by an ERP system and really understand if 5G will meet the needs or whether if it is even required.

The picture below presents the various modules…

Sustainable development with 5G Service-based architecture and AI-Neural Networks.

Sustainability is a very common topic of discussion these days in every industry. Cellular network operators and infrastructure providers are no less exposed to this and are continuously looking for alternatives to solve this need.

UN world commission defines sustainability as “sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Within Ericsson,my employer there is a dedicated focus to achieve this through various initiatives, some info here ->(

Simply explained, sustainability means, spend our resources…

Diabetes Management with Remote analysis and drug delivery

Just a thought on one of the possibilities here.

More than 100 Million have diabetes in America according to CDC, and some of them need precision care and monitoring, 24 hours a day.

Imagine, a hypo or hyper glycemic patient, remotely monitored for glucose fluctuation, and administered the right amount of Insulin dose, all remotely. Think if that patient has other kinds of ailments, and requires this level of care just to survive. What can we do to help this situation ?.

With commercialization , and OTC availability of CGM (Continuous Glucose…

Automation in Filmmaking

The world of filmmaking can drastically improve with 5G. If you know anything about filmmaking, you will definitely appreciate the gruesome process it follows. One of the critical output is the quality of footage, which includes resolution, actual content sequence and adherence to the script. It’s too late to make any corrections to the footage once it hits post production and it is often expensive proposition.

If we can improve and automate the real time delivery of the footage for analysis from a location to Post production, Quick editorial views back to the location, facilitate Remote direction…

Programmable Network — not a pipe dream

Continued from my earlier post on Enabling the Enterprise- 5G private network.

For long the networks and the end applications have existed in silos. Most of our deployments have been around setting up our applications independently, and finally connecting it to some form of connectivity like Wifi, or fixed or even cellular. Therefore most application deployment are “network un-aware” , technically the deployment is based on an assumption there will be a superior network available.

With 5G, that will change. The Service based architecture (SBA) allows the network itself now to be “application…

This will be an ongoing blog/primer — — I will add a section over time.

My intention is to help the enterprise in the process of moving to a “Private Cellular network on 5G”, therefore this primer is a humble attempt to explain the options and general considerations in making that decision. I will try to keep it as simple as possible.

I will not get into the debate here on why you need a “private cellular network”, but I will definitely discuss what can it really offer, and you are free to compare it with any other access networks…


Note: I have researched and assembled some of the content through multiple sources including 3gpp, and adapted it to make it simple to understand for all of us. If you are an enterprise and reading this, it should give you a view into the latency improvements on 5G and some granular details on how we arrive at it. This should further help in your research.

There is a lot of talk about 5G bringing in the capability of low latency transmission. A lot is said in marketing presentations and other technical literature…

Kiran Harpanhalli

On a mission to build the new Enterprise. Technologist and part time cinematographer.

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