Automation in Filmmaking

The world of filmmaking can drastically improve with 5G. If you know anything about filmmaking, you will definitely appreciate the gruesome process it follows. One of the critical output is the quality of footage, which includes resolution, actual content sequence and adherence to the script. It’s too late to make any corrections to the footage once it hits post production and it is often expensive proposition.

If we can improve and automate the real time delivery of the footage for analysis from a location to Post production, Quick editorial views back to the location, facilitate Remote direction, Real time Editor reviews, this agile way will immensely help this industry.

Not that it is not done currently, but this industry is poised for a lot of automation over next few years. This is one enterprise where 5G can tremendously help, with low latency, high bandwidth, and reliable network.

Just my thoughts.

#automation #5g #agile #filmproduction #filmmaking

On a mission to build the new Enterprise. Technologist and part time cinematographer.

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