Diabetes Management with Remote analysis and drug delivery

Just a thought on one of the possibilities here.

More than 100 Million have diabetes in America according to CDC, and some of them need precision care and monitoring, 24 hours a day.

Imagine, a hypo or hyper glycemic patient, remotely monitored for glucose fluctuation, and administered the right amount of Insulin dose, all remotely. Think if that patient has other kinds of ailments, and requires this level of care just to survive. What can we do to help this situation ?.

With commercialization , and OTC availability of CGM (Continuous Glucose monitoring devices), it will be a matter of time, where AI based edge analysis of Glucose rise and fall patterns will be done closer to the patient in real time either in CGM devices or a edge hub.

Critical patients will benefit from this extra level of care from the Health care provider, keeping the patient safe and the health care team alert.

The monitoring and drug delivery solution would require, low latency, highly reliable networks which will allow actionable intelligent decision in milliseconds. A perfect case for 5G.

While the world is solving AR/VR Gaming and Video etc and it will be cool to bring attention to areas where there is a need and where 5G can make a real difference in industries such as Health care. #NetworkSlicing #5G

On a mission to build the new Enterprise. Technologist and part time cinematographer.

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